Whether you are looking for a stylish leather bag that will serve you well for everyday shopping or nights out we have a range for you.  Our leather bag range provides a unique using leather bag which is primarily vintage inspired.   The bags are especially treated in order to give them a distressed rustic look. The colours and tones may vary from one item to another, which means not one item looks exactly the same as the other. The unique selling point of the leather bags is that they are unusual in design which is great if you’re looking for something stylish, a bit quirky and out of the ordinary.  Keeping this in mind, we would like to point out that marks and tones on our leather and canvas products are part of the rustic distressed look we are going for and are therefore part of the design. 


In addition to our leather bags we sell a range of rucksacks, clutch bags and fair trade bags.  We search for unique styles of bags which are suitable for a wide variety of occasions and ages.  We would always suggest if you see one you like, grab it quick as many are ‘one offs’ and do not come back into stock and so cannot be replaced. 

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