Donald’s Big Bold Bauble

Can you believe there’s less than a month till that magical night when the man in the big red coat visits?

We love Christmas and we definitely feel that no matter when you start to decorate your home it is a completely personal choice.  Personally our date of choice is 1st December.  We want to be able to enjoy all our decorations for as long as we can.  

We also find from year to year there’s some poor decoration that’s not lasted well during it's 11 month hibernation.  Although this brings some sadness we know it’s imortality is guaranteed in our memories and photographs with family and friends, where it sits in the tree in the background.  We also know it means we can look at what new decoration will fill it’s place.  This year that could be anything from a glitzy pineapple glass bauble to a traditional wooden hanging decoration.  

We also love bringing out the decorations we purchased from our holidays.  This year to add to our baubles from Ireland, Holland, Edinburgh, Venice we can add Washington and New York.  We can also add the baubles bought for us from family that visited San Francisco and Los Angeles.  

We even have one from the White House collection.  Wonder if this year’s will have a Donald Trump influence.  Who knows it may be a ‘tweeting’ robin.  It will definitely need to be shatterproof and be a big bold bauble! 

If we don’t blog before the big day, Merry Christmas, and we really hope it’s one full of magical memories that last a lifetime.