Re-Tail.....Is it just me?

Customer:- Why are you closing?

Me:- we are not closing we are moving into our other shop.

C:-Oh but I love this shop. Do you remember me I came in last year and bought a bag for myself, it was my birthday.

M:-Yes of course I remember you. It was a leather bag.

C:-Yes I love that bag.

I remember it was the last one in that style and I reduced it for you.

That's right. I love that bag all my friends asks where I got it from and I tell them Bibelot Bee. they're from away and they want to know if you have other shops.

No just this one, but we are on-line..

Cant' believe you're moving, would have thought this place was the best location.

Its alright but lots of people are passing on the way to the beach so don't want to carry things its an expensive building with no one else really here now. They've all moved out, sign of the times.

Yes but wow I love this shop. I don't know where your other shop is.

Its Clock Handyman Victoria Road. Do you know it?

No, no never go that way.

Oh OK well we sell chalk paint, door knobs and other things for the home, so lots of the things here will fit it there, we hope.

Yes but you wont get the passing trade.

I guess not as much but people generally come to Clocks for things they need and so don't tend to use it like a museum as down here people love the shop but wander around and then thank you as they don't see shops like this any more.

Oh that's why I like it, I bought my bag last year for my birthday and I'm here again, cos its my birthday so I just had to have this bag.

Yes. I do really appreciate your custom. That's my last leather bag, and it has  30 % as its 30% off all the stock we are not moving to Clocks.

Yes I know that's why I came.

Hopefully you'll find us at Clocks.

Actually I do know where it is I bought my fire from there.

Oh good so you do know where we will be.

Yes but I only go once a year.

A bit like here then, a yearly birthday treat.......

Hmm still wish you were staying here.

I know but it just doesn't pay, high rents and rates changing landlords and now all empty shops doesn't help.

That really surprises me I thought you'd make loads down here.

I guess its all the discounts I keep doing like on your bags .......